Markus Meyer

Construction Professional

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"I am an open minded person who had the opportunity to live in many different countries, tolerant to any cultural/ ethnical background. Always approaching new colleagues/ clients with a smile and a sense of humour but with the adequate sense of respect. Focusing on the job with the needed seriousness and accumulated skills, supporting team members or staff if needed. My own way of leading staff usually rewards me with content workers and superb work results. I can honestly say that I am passionate about my work and enjoy new challenges at all times."

"Markus has proven himself to be one of the most gifted Architectural Designer's I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Markus can lift a whole team with his attitude, ability and sense of humour."

August 24, 2012, LinkedIn, Jonathan Wileman Electrical Project Manager at Supreme Group

"Markus showed excellent detailing skills and works well in a team. His construction knowledge is second to none. I would happily work with him again and trust him to do an excellent job, faultless every time."

February 20, 2012, LinkedIn, Paul Ibberson Owner & Founder at Cadvis3d -Architectural Design Services